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Read the article - Mifflin gets even, beats Wilson
Monday, October 7, 2013 @ 5:45 PM
Wilson at Gov. Mifflin (Girls soccer)
1st Half 2nd Half Final
Wilson 1 0 1
Gov. Mifflin 2 0 2
Highlights:At Shillington, Melissa Martin scored the game-winning goal for the Mustangs (9-1, 14-4) with 1:52 left in the first half. Sienna Zittle scored the opening goal with an assist from Jen Martin. Wilson's Karina Naugle tied it on a direct kick wtih 22:57 left in the first half. Jess Hetrick made seven saves for the Bulldogs (8-1, 13-4). Gov. Mifflin's Maggie Sepulveda had five saves.
Shots: Wilson 6; Gov. Mifflin 9
Wilson Scoring Wilson Saves
Karina Naugle 19 101
Jess Hetrick 00 7

Gov. Mifflin Scoring Gov. Mifflin Saves
Jennifer Martin31 011
Melissa Martin35 101
Sienna Zittle21 101
Margaret Sepulveda 5

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