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Date/TimeSportAway TeamHome TeamScore
9/16/14 7:00PBoys soccerPope John Paul IIOwen J. Roberts0-6
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryBerks CatholicFleetwood26-30
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryDaniel BooneKutztown20-41
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryDaniel BooneExeter31-26
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryDaniel BooneReading High15-50
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryExeterKutztown21-40
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryGov. MifflinConrad Weiser20-38
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryGov. MifflinOley Valley16-43
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryHamburgWyomissing49-15
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryMuhlenbergTulpehocken21-39
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryMuhlenbergSchuylkill Valley27-30
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryReading HighKutztown29-28
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryReading HighExeter50-15
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countrySchuylkill ValleyTulpehocken20-36
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryTwin ValleyBerks Catholic17-43
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryTwin ValleyFleetwood17-45
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryWilsonWyomissing25-33
9/16/14 7:00PBoys cross countryWilsonHamburg15-50
9/16/14 7:00PField hockeyPope John Paul IIOwen J. Roberts0-5
9/16/14 7:00PGirls tennisJim ThorpeBlue Mountain0-7
9/16/14 7:00PGirls tennisPhoenixvillePerkiomen Valley2-5
9/16/14 7:00PGirls volleyballTwin ValleyReading High3-0
9/16/14 7:00PBoys golfPenn ManorWilson18-6
9/16/14 7:00PBoys golfSpring-FordPerkiomen Valley204-201
9/16/14 7:00PBoys golfSpring-FordPerkiomen Valley204-201
9/16/14 7:00PBoys water poloMuhlenbergCentral York18-8
9/16/14 7:00PGirls water poloMuhlenbergCentral York19-5
9/16/14 7:00PGirls soccerBrandywine HeightsTulpehocken0-2
9/16/14 7:00PGirls soccerConrad WeiserSchuylkill Valley1-2
9/16/14 7:00PGirls cross countryBerks CatholicFleetwood17-42
9/16/14 7:00PGirls cross countryDaniel BooneKutztown20-39
9/16/14 7:00PGirls cross countryDaniel BooneExeter18-37
9/16/14 7:00PGirls cross countryDaniel BooneReading High15-46
9/16/14 7:00PGirls cross countryExeterKutztown20-41
9/16/14 7:00PGirls cross countryGov. MifflinConrad Weiser17-45

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