Reading Eagle Presents Berks Game Day
Upcoming Games
Date/TimeSportAway TeamHome TeamMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PField hockeyBrandywine HeightsExeterMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PGirls tennisBerks CatholicTulpehockenMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PGirls tennisExeterTwin ValleyMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PGirls tennisGov. MifflinPenn ManorMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PGirls tennisHamburgAntietamMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PGirls tennisMuhlenbergDaniel BooneMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PGirls tennisQuakertownUpper PerkiomenMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PGirls tennisReading HighPottsvilleMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PGirls tennisSchuylkill ValleyKutztownMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PGirls tennisWilsonConrad WeiserMatch Up
9/22/14 3:30PGirls tennisWyomissingBrandywine HeightsMatch Up
9/22/14 3:45PField hockeyMethactonPottstownMatch Up
9/22/14 3:45PField hockeyPerkiomen ValleyPottsgroveMatch Up
9/22/14 3:45PField hockeySpring-FordPope John Paul IIMatch Up
9/22/14 3:45PField hockeyVilla MariaOley ValleyMatch Up
9/22/14 3:45PGirls tennisNorth PennMethactonMatch Up
9/22/14 4:00PBoys soccerAntietamLititz ChristianMatch Up
9/22/14 4:00PBoys soccerMethactonPottstownMatch Up
9/22/14 4:00PBoys soccerPerkiomen ValleyPottsgroveMatch Up
9/22/14 4:00PBoys soccerPhoenixvilleBoyertownMatch Up
9/22/14 4:00PBoys soccerSpring-FordPope John Paul IIMatch Up
9/22/14 4:00PField hockeyLancaster CatholicTwin ValleyMatch Up
9/22/14 4:00PGirls soccerBerks CatholicLancaster CatholicMatch Up
9/22/14 4:00PGirls soccerBoyertownPhoenixvilleMatch Up
9/22/14 4:00PGirls soccerPope John Paul IISpring-FordMatch Up
9/22/14 4:00PGirls soccerPottstownMethactonMatch Up
9/22/14 4:15PGirls volleyballMerion MercyPope John Paul IIMatch Up
9/22/14 5:15PGirls volleyballPerkiomen ValleySpring-FordMatch Up
9/22/14 5:30PGirls soccerPottsvilleMuhlenbergMatch Up
9/22/14 5:45PBoys soccerFleetwoodSchuylkill ValleyMatch Up
9/22/14 5:45PBoys soccerGov. MifflinDaniel BooneMatch Up
9/22/14 5:45PBoys soccerHamburgBerks CatholicMatch Up
9/22/14 5:45PBoys soccerMuhlenbergExeterMatch Up
9/22/14 5:45PBoys soccerPoint Baptist AcademyKutztownMatch Up
9/22/14 5:45PBoys soccerUpper PerkiomenBrandywine HeightsMatch Up

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