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Read the article - Wilson beats Mifflin to clinch title
Monday, October 7, 2013 @ 5:45 PM
Gov. Mifflin at Wilson (Field hockey)
1st Half 2nd Half Final
Gov. Mifflin 0 0 0
Wilson 1 2 3
Highlights:At West Lawn, Wilson clinched its 11th straight Berks I title as Avery Marz, Maddie Klee and Margaret Lillis scored in the win over Gov. Mifflin. For more details, read Tuesday's Reading Eagle.

Shots: Gov. Mifflin 1; Wilson 10
Gov. Mifflin Scoring Gov. Mifflin Saves
Kelly Muenster22 7

Wilson Scoring Wilson Saves
Amanda Boyer 011
Mary Shea Kelly-Buckley 011
Maddie Klee 101
Margaret Lillis 101
Avery Marz 101
Haley Kline 1

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