Reading Eagle Presents Berks Game Day
Saturday, January 28, 2012 @ 12:00 PM
Gov. Mifflin at Exeter (Wrestling)
Gov. Mifflin 37
Exeter 27
Highlights: Gov. Mifflin will wrestle Schuylkill Valley at 2 p.m. in the semifinals.
ClassWinDecisionLossScoreRunning Total
 170Jan Johnson, GMdec.James Moran, E4-3 OT3-0
 182Haydn Curtis, GMdec.Alex Keim, E9-56-0
 195Marcus Johnson, GMpinnedJoe Santos, E1:3012-0
 220Joseph Giorgio, EpinnedDoulton Campbell, GM:5812-6
 285Stefano Sarge, GMpinnedWendell Buck, E3:0318-6
 106Colin Johnson, GMdec.Tristan Watts, E4-221-6
 113Colin Ochs, GMdec.Noah Yost, E7-024-6
 120Corey Rowley, Edec.Jonah Fisher, GM4-024-9
 126Kenny Arentz, GMdec.Ethan Stever, E6-427-9
 132Alex Kramer, EpinnedOliver Duverge, GM3:1427-15
 138Mike Kern, Ewon by forfeit 27-21
 145Matthew Harris, GMpinnedJustice Caban, E5:0533-21
 152Keith Stednitz, GMdec.Brad Angstadt, E10-037-21
 160Jake Buczewski, Ewon by forfeit 37-27

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