Reading Eagle Presents Berks Game Day
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 @ 6:30 PM
Schuylkill Valley at Brandywine Heights (Wrestling)
Schuylkill Valley 40
Brandywine Heights 28
ClassWinDecisionLossScoreRunning Total
 285Trevor Crupi, SVwon by forfeit 6-0
 106Hunter Gimbor, BHdec.Jacob Horst, SV3-06-3
 113Mason Shuman, SVdec.Austin Weller, BH6-29-3
 120Josh Giorgio, SVpinnedLucas Reichard, BH:4315-3
 126Daniel Schmeck, BHpinnedKyle Dimovitz, SV:2715-9
 132Tanner White, SVdec.Kyle Caskie, BH11-319-9
 138Elijah Zimmerman, SVpinnedRobert Delong, BH3:3525-9
 145Jonah Horst, SVpinnedZach Sessions, BH2:3631-9
 152Colby Geisinger, SVpinnedBrandon Langston, BH5:5137-9
 160Cole Swackhamer, BHpinnedZachary Homan, SV5:2337-15
 170Peter Renda, BHwon by forfeit 37-21
 182Adam Mackie, BHdec.Joseph Waack, SV14-137-25
 195Chris Langston, BHdec.Johnathan Tindall, SV4-237-28
 220Dante Giorgio, SVdec.Collin Conrad, BH4-140-28

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