Reading Eagle Presents Berks Game Day
Saturday, January 26, 2013 @ 12:01 PM
Exeter at Hamburg (Wrestling)
Exeter 46
Hamburg 28
ClassWinDecisionLossScoreRunning Total
 195James Moran, EpinnedLogan Lackey, H1:556-0
 220Scott Schaeffer, EpinnedAustin Bashore, H4:5412-0
 285Nicholas Reber, HpinnedThomas Emerick, E1:1412-6
 106Brett Kulp, EpinnedMichael Eicher, H:2118-6
 113Tristan Watts, Edec.Shane Shollenberger, H14-122-6
 120Sean Stanish, Hwon by tech. fall overTrey Harkness, E16-0, 5:5522-11
 126Kerry Mega, HpinnedCorey Rowley, E5:1322-17
 132Chris Kummerer, Hdec.Scott Baker, E6-022-20
 138Ethan Stever, EpinnedNick Oswald, H2:3828-20
 145Justice Caban, EpinnedMontay Berger, H3:3634-20
 152Alex Kramer, EpinnedRuben Trujillo, H3:4840-20
 160Marc Kramer, Hdec.Drew Bennett, E8-440-23
 170Alex Keim, Ewon by def. overJoseph Raffensperger, H1:0346-23
 182Cody Miller, Hwon by tech. fall overEvan McGarry, E18-2, 3:5346-28

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