Reading Eagle Presents Berks Game Day
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 7:00 PM
Wilson at Mechanicsburg (Wrestling)
Wilson 41
Mechanicsburg 21
ClassWinDecisionLossScoreRunning Total
 152Sam Marsciano, Mdec.Parker Eidle, W8-40-3
 160Mitchell Ramsey, MpinnedAdam Brown, W:200-9
 170Joey Krulock, Mdec.Andy Francos, W4-30-12
 182Keaton Eidle, WpinnedMitchell Gochenaur, M3:076-12
 195Isaac Schannauer, WpinnedKysheem Johnson, M5:4612-12
 220Hunter Hatlee, Wdec.Lucas Chestnut, M3-115-12
 285Sampson Hartman, Wdec.Garrett Spiewak, M11-418-12
 106Drew Tochterman, Mwon by forfeit 18-18
 113Connor Moyer, Wwon by tech. fall over Tyler Hoover, M16-0, 4:3323-18
 120Francesca Giorgio, Wdec.Johnny Martinez, M11-426-18
 126Jacob Werner, WpinnedJackson Lane, M1:0732-18
 132Bryan Muchoney, WpinnedJonathan Vega, M:2438-18
 138Mike Hafer, Wdec.Chad Skelly, M1-041-18
 145Tristan Skelly, Mdec.Bryce Pych, W5-241-21

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