Boys basketball

Saturday, February 4, 2017 @ 7:30 PM
Gov. Mifflin at Hempfield (Boys basketball)
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Gov. Mifflin610151849
Highlights: Keystone Cup

At Hummelstown, the Mustangs' (17-4) second half surge pushed them past the Black Knights.

Bubba Peters led the Mustangs in scoring with a game-high 22 points.

Gov. Mifflin went into the half down 32-16, the Mustangs started the second half on a 15-4 run bringing them within 5-points. Gov. Mifflin's Dylan Patton supplied all of his eight-points in the fourth quarter to fuel a game-winning 18-7 run.

Jeovanni Mojica chipped in with 10 points for the Mustangs.

Ryan Moffait led Hempfield with a team-best 15 points.

Gov. Mifflin Stats
Mojica, Jeovanni1 2056100010
Patton, Dylan4 400000008
Peters, Bubba5 8035300022
Walmer, Ben10 101200003
Harman, Rece24 104500006
Klahr, Casey33 000000000
Totals 1601318400049
Hempfield Stats
Wassell, 100010003
Washington, Elijah 100000002
Moffait, Ryan 6000300015
Hilton, 001200001
Karl, 300000006
Washington, Devin 4012100010
Holestein, 100010003
Mitchell, 101200003
Totals 17036600043