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No doubt about it: Exeter for real
Tuesday, January 8, 2013 @ 6:00 PM
Wilson at Exeter (Boys basketball)
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Highlights: At Reiffton, Bryan Stinson had game-highs of 20 points and 10 rebounds as the Eagles (3-0, 12-0) held off the Bulldogs (1-2, 7-3) to remain on top in Division I of the Berks Conference.

Kris Vaden scored 11 and Justin Trojanowski had 10 in a balaned Exeter attack.

Travaun Coad scored 17 for Wilson.

For a complete report, read Mike Drago's story in the print edition of the Reading Eagle, or on-line at:

Wilson Stats
Fegley, Bryan 51100377213
Frebel, Wes 120000522
Coad, Travaun 510713024117
Rodriguez, SteVan 002400213
Timochenko, Matt 177902409
Calloway, Jaylin 4100016309
Templin, Jake 140012323
Watkins, Kyle 020000000
Gaynor, Kyle 000000000
Coller, Jake 000000000
Exeter Stats
Beddall, Joe1 274402358
Stump, Derek2 230023126
Vaden, Kris14 5711003011
Stinson, Bryan34 79690010120
Trojanowski, Justin35 4726005310
Gilbert, Brett5 130112213
Dietrich, Kevin15 000000000
Menet, Michal40 250000404
Trojanowski, Taylor11 000000000