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Berks Scoring Leaders Football  

Football Standings  Football Rankings 

1Patrick Causa, Berks Catholic8012265.571361245216.00
2Scott Kuczala, Wyomissing5610851.851178193195.97
3Chase Yocum, Exeter6813052.311272175169.96
4Zach Koenig, Fleetwood12323253.022368279169.40
5Jan Johnson, Gov. Mifflin529256.52897128164.07
6Tyler Hoss, Conrad Weiser7414252.111168173156.49
7Jake Templin, Wilson13225152.5917823011142.90
8Nick Hughes, Daniel Boone10522546.6716811713122.80
9Nicholas Kuhn, Hamburg9318749.7313421115113.38
10Lawrence Garnett, Boyertown5510751.4065755109.05
11Conner Sausser, Schuylkill Valley4210042.006904897.16
12Alec Ranck, Twin Valley459547.375673793.19
13Cody Fidler, Muhlenberg6013444.787762689.39
14Patrick Keating, Pottsville8819545.13101831281.75
Passing PAC-10
1Brandon Leacraft, Spring-Ford12521458.411917253169.41
2Torin Verdone, Pottsgrove8114356.641352165165.99
3Stephen Sturm, Perkiomen Valley13723059.571967214158.06
4Conner Derrickson, Methacton9217452.871394145140.97
5Lawrence Garnett, Boyertown5510751.4065755109.05
6Matt Duff, Pope John Paul II10520650.97117181398.91
7Ian Brown, Phoenixville6915943.4081761283.92
8Ezekiel Hallman, Upper Perkiomen6816241.986836682.20
9Gary Wise, Pottstown5213538.526632971.33

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